Competition Guidelines

Christchurch Runners

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Various Valued Laps

A short lap (about half a mile) is repeated several times. The idea is to achieve the fastest average speed. The twist is that, as suggested in the name, not all of the laps have an equal weighting in the average. Typically the weights might be 1,2,1,3,1,4 to force the runners to perform a fast lap at the end.

A variation on this, to cater for the fact that some runners will be able to run more laps than others, is to set a time limit (say 20 minutes) and have the laps follow the above format for weighting, but the lap which is started after the time limit, and which will be the last, will be weighted at, say, 10.

The average is calculated using the weightings and the fudge factor (mile?) applied to normalise the times.