Competition Guidelines

Christchurch Runners

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Scoring System

The scores from the events are summed over a quarter with the competition ending on the last Wednesday in March, June and September and the Wednesday before Christmas. Exceptionally, there may be more than ten Wednesdays in a quarter in which case the last Wednesday will be transferred to the following quarter.

The scoring system is that each week the winner or winning team gets 15 points, second place will get 15 - (the number of people in the winning team), and so on. Thus if there are three people in the winning team second place would get 12 points while in an individual event second place would get 14 points.

In the event of a tie the points are averaged and rounded up, except where the tie is for first place when all who are tied get 15 points. If there are more than fifteen people in any event then everyone from 15th onward will receive one point.

Over the quarter, each competitor discards up to two scores from his total. Thus in a quarter with ten events, only the best eight will count for each competitor.

Once a quarter a competitor may play a joker on an event. This will have the effect of doubling his/her score from that event. In order to play the joker an email should be sent to me (George McConnell) by noon on the day of the event. Tied scores over the quarter are separated by :


Shields are awarded to those in the first three places at the end of each quarter.

A certificate is awarded to everyone who has accumulated 1000 points.

Team Event

In the team competition, the best two competitors from each team count. Their scores are aggregated (jokers do not count) and the team with the most points scores 15 points for that week, the next highest 14 and so on. If two or more teams are equal then the number of participants that week from each of the teams is the tie breaker.

Team points are also gathered from the races. For this purpose the runner's performance against handicap is used, with the best runner getting 15 points, the next 14 and so on as in the training event. The team scores are then calculated in the same way as for the training events. For the purpose of the team race the mile counts as a race rather than a training event - thus those runners who do not have a mile handicap do not count towards the team performance.

No team scores are discarded.

In the event of a tie at the end of a quarter, the winning team will be that one with the best attendance record. The winning team receive shields.