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Multi-Terrain Run

A favourite of mine - at least the first half is until we get to the steps. This is a timed run over grass, mud, road, sand, steps and anything else we can find. The finishing time is fudged to handicap the event. It is suggested that the runners are set off at thirty second intervals to avoid any bunching on the course and so that the slower runners are not just getting further and further behind.

John Smith set the 'original' course. However, like the cross country the course use is up to the organiser.

One example course is Martin's Beach Run (kindly provided by Graham)

Start outside the Changing Rooms - possibly a staggered start. Run to Cricket Pitch and then choose own route onto the path (Yellow Brick Road) that leads to the Community Centre.

At the Community Centre, run up the bank that is to the left of the entrance. Keep on the top of the bank until it drops down onto a Gravel Path. Cross the Gravel Path, run up, and over, the bank on the other side.

Run along the grass, turning right at the end, into the Runway. Take next left, and then first right into Southcliffe Road. Take third left into Glengarry Way. As Glengarry Way starts to bear to the left, turn right into Vecta Close. Take the path at the end of Vecta Close (NOT THE ONE ON THE LEFT, the correct one leads through bushes to the grass area at Steamer Point).

Once on the grass, head for the gates to the Nature Reserve, climbing down the bank, crossing the path from Steamer Point, and climbing up the bank on the other side. Run to the gates that lead to the Nature Reserve, past the Coastguard Station, and continue into the Nature Reserve, heading for the stairs down to the beach.

When you reach the steps that go down to the beach from the Nature Reserve, descend those steps until you get to the beach. (PLEASE HOLD ONTO HANDRAIL WHILST YOU DESCEND - Fatality may lead to disqualification). When you get to the beach, you may stop descending if you wish. You may even let go of the handrail.

At the bottom of the steps, turn left and run on the soft sand (next to the cliff) to the steps at Highcliffe Castle. At the bottom of these steps is a red lifebelt holder. Run round this in a clockwise direction, and then head directly towards the sea. Once on the shingle (and not before), turn right and run on the shingle towards Mudeford.

Stay on the shingle. Avoid running on the sand in those places where the shingle curves away from the sea - the idea is to run on shingle, not 'accidentally' avoid it as much as you think you can get away with.

When you are opposite the Beach Café, turn right. Head directly towards the cafe until you get to the soft sand. Then, and only then, turn left, and continue along the beach, staying on the sand.

Go up onto the Prom at the last set of steps before the brick wall (approx 100-200 metres after the cafe), then up the slope to Southcliffe Road. Turn right at the top of the slope, and run along Southcliffe Road. Turn left at the end of Southcliffe Road, and then turn right into the Runway.

Take second left into the housing estate (Brabazon Way), and run through Halifax Way into the closed end of Grange Road, then finish at the normal Monthly Run Start/Finish line.

The monthly race handicap is most appropriate for this event.