Competition Guidelines

Christchurch Runners

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Multi-Leg Relay

This is another of the 'original' events on the calendar. The idea here is that teams of two are created with an attempt to have equal teams, thus the fastest is paired with the slowest, next fastest with next slowest etc. until we reach the two in the middle. Where there is an odd number of runners taking part then two of near equal ability will be required to run together.

There are two well worn routes. The idea is that between successive legs there is a short jog to the next handover point. Each runner completes three legs. There is no reason why different routes should not be used if the organiser wants to measure them out.

Where the spread of abilities is even, this will give an accurate result on a "first past the post" basis. However, if the fast and slow runners show a significantly different distribution then the sum of the handicaps should be used to calculate the results.