Competition Guidelines

Christchurch Runners

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Meet and Part

For this event the teams consist of two (or three) runners of similar ability. They run the course starting together and splitting and joining up again at various points before rejoining to complete the race.

In general the 'left hand' choice is slightly longer, although on the last leg round the site there is little in it and the right hand choice may even have the edge on distance. It is up to the teams how they decide who takes which route, although, if the team is a team of three then each member should run one leg on their own - it doesn't matter whether it is the long or short leg.

The handicap of the slowest runner in the team is used to calculate the final time.

In order to make it more of a race, the teams should be set off, slowest first, at intervals of about thirty seconds (or longer if there is a significant difference in handicap). Otherwise the slowest team will just get further and further behind throughout the race.