Competition Guidelines

Christchurch Runners

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Circuit Training

A favourite of many, although I do not think that we shall repeat the trick of hopping the width of the rugby and football pitches through the mud.

This event is almost impossible to handicap, since fitness for this sort of event has little correlation with fitness for running several miles.

The event usually consists of some combination of sit-ups, press-ups, squat thrusts, shuttle running, star jumps and any other fiendish exercise which can be devised. It should some element of running and it should not be over strenuous for those who are not used to doing this sort of exercise. (i.e. me!!)

The result can either be based on the number of circuits completed, or with the fudge factor applied if it would seem that the faster runners are naturally favoured.

An interesting variation which has been suggested is to have a number of judges, one at each exercise, who award a score based not only on finishing the required number, but also on the style. This has similarities to the scoring for ice-skating, although I doubt if any of us would get many points for gracefulness!

Another favourite is to have a so called circuit sandwich where, in addition to the pain inflicted by the exercises you also have to run a mile or so before and after.

Basically the message from this one is that it is a very good event to include from time to time, but it is almost impossible to score 'fairly'. Therefore the scoring system should be as bizarre as possible, while still rewarding those who work hardest.