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Army Basic Fitness Test

The Basic Fitness Test (BFT) is:

A basic fitness test which all soldiers must complete twice a year.

The basis for undertaking other, more strenuous, endurance training.

The BFT is a 3 mile run, in training shoes, of two parts:

Part 1: As a squad run and march 1- miles in 15 minutes.

Part 2: After 45 seconds recovery, individually run 1- miles.

Pass times for the individual run are:

Under 30<10 minutes<11 minutes
30 35<11 minutes<12 minutes
35 40<12 minutes<13 minutes
40 45<13 minutes<14 minutes
Over 453 mile individual run in < 28 minutes3 mile individual run in < 30

The actual finishing times will be handicapped using the mile handicaps.