Christmas 10k Results
supplied by Chris Potter Last updated on : 21/12/10

Sunday 12th December 2010

Official Photography by Charles Whitton Photography

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Chris Potter's radio interview with Steve Harris (BBC Radio Solent)

List of competitors in finishing order

PlaceTimeNameTeamAge GroupRace Num
132:00George MILLERPoole RunnersSenior Men688
232:13Mark HARGREAVESBournemouth ACVet Men 50+680
332:14Ian HABGOODBournemouth ACSenior Men567
432:24Jonathan SHARKEYBournemouth ACSenior Men251
532:34Rob McTAGGARTBournemouth ACSenior Men600
633:38Elizabeth YELLINGBedford & County ACVet Ladies 35+748
734:10Lee RODRIGUEZPoole RunnersVet Men 35+689
834:26Simon MUNROBournemouth ACSenior Men417
934:39Stephen WRIGHTNew Forest RunnersVet Men 35+241
1034:45Mike GRISTPoole RunnersVet Men 45+277
1134:50Teddy POWELLNew Forest RunnersVet Men 35+7
1234:58Peter RABJOHNSPoole Athletic ClubVet Men 35+12
1335:23Adam BARDSLEYVet Men 40+611
1435:35Robin COPESTICKBournemouth ACSenior Men204
1535:40Henry SZWINTONew Forest RunnersVet Men 50+451
1635:44Roy LONGWimborne ACVet Men 45+227
1735:48Frank HANDYNew Forest RunnersSenior Men466
1835:50Tony CHUTTERBournemouth ACVet Men 50+495
1936:09Simon WAYBournemouth ACVet Men 40+224
2036:26Scott AUGURSouthampton Running ClubVet Men 40+3
2136:33Peter THOMPSONSenior Men603
2236:36Abigail JONESPoole RunnersJunior Ladies578
2336:45Kathryn BAILEYWinchester & District ACVet Ladies 40+699
2436:47Gary WORSLEYLittledown HarriersVet Men 40+367
2536:56Graeme MILLERBournemouth ACVet Men 35+98
2637:02Kyle HACKETTPoole RunnersSenior Men152
2737:05Jerry SHIELDWimborne ACVet Men 45+225
2837:09Andy CLEMENTSPoole Athletic ClubVet Men 50+401
2937:14Wayne WALFORD-JELKSLittledown HarriersSenior Men607
3037:17Valeria SESTONew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 35+403
3137:20David LONGWimborne ACJunior Men226
3237:45Becky GRIFFITHPoole RunnersSenior Ladies674
3337:46Mike HOBBSGillingham TrottersVet Men 45+303
3437:57James BAULCHPoole RunnersSenior Men464
3538:01Mark PACKERLittledown HarriersVet Men 40+5
3638:04James HENLEYNew Forest RunnersSenior Men623
3738:06Jud KIRKBournemouth ACVet Men 50+527
3838:11Steven MORTONNew Forest RunnersVet Men 40+257
3938:16Philip HANDYNew Forest RunnersSenior Men467
4038:18Alan CHIVERTONWestborne Running ClubVet Men 40+83
4138:29Jonathan SPEARPoole Athletic ClubVet Men 35+354
4238:40Malcolm RENYARDHardley RunnersVet Men 65+533
4338:42Andy PHIMISTERNew Forest RunnersVet Men 45+621
4438:45Paul BARTLETTNew Forest RunnersSenior Men52
4538:47Adam BASHAMLittledown HarriersVet Men 40+118
4638:49Peter HELLAWELLLittledown HarriersVet Men 45+49
4738:50Ben ROSCOELittledown HarriersVet Men 35+78
4838:52Tamas HICKISHVet Men 50+565
4939:13James MITCHELLVet Men 40+407
5039:16Dean HASKETTGillingham TrottersSenior Men352
5139:20Philip WORKERChristchurch RunnersVet Men 45+171
5239:25Mike LUKEEgdon Heath HarriersVet Men 35+422
5339:28Rod KENDALLHardley RunnersVet Men 45+484
5439:29Sanjai SHARMANew Forest RunnersVet Men 45+265
5539:30Daniel LUFORDSenior Men521
5639:33Iain DONNELLYWimborne ACVet Men 40+2
5739:47Wayne ADLEMNew Forest RunnersVet Men 40+627
5839:48James BISHOPNew Forest RunnersSenior Men435
5939:56David HANKSVet Men 50+91
6039:56Rob ANGELLittledown HarriersSenior Men93
6140:07Stuart GLENISTERZoom Tri ClubVet Men 35+575
6240:08Mike CUREPoole Athletic ClubVet Men 45+488
6340:08Stephanie SLADEBournemouth ACSenior Men250
6440:18Peter BENJAMINEgdon Heath HarriersVet Men 55+9
6540:24Michael McCABENew Forest RunnersVet Men 55+68
6640:26Ian BANKSHardley RunnersVet Men 50+326
6740:31Richard WALTERWestborne Running ClubVet Men 35+359
6840:44Jim COWDROYLittledown HarriersVet Men 40+491
6940:50Pete WILSONNew Forest RunnersVet Men 55+172
7040:55Graham LOCKYERVet Men 35+60
7141:04Nick NEWTONHardley RunnersVet Men 50+101
7241:08Wayne VINCENTEastleigh Running ClubVet Men 50+657
7341:13Joe PRICEBournemouth ACSenior Men285
7441:13Carley ROSECity of NorwichSenior Ladies223
7541:21Stuart JUDDVet Men 40+664
7641:31Andrew OLDENWimborne ACVet Men 40+10
7741:36Michael ROBINSONPortsmouth JoggersVet Men 60+107
7841:40Becky HOLLOWBREADNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 35+652
7941:40Vincent ROCHARDSenior Men441
8041:48Geoff BATESWestborne Running ClubSenior Men18
8141:50Martin LOVELESSHardley RunnersVet Men 50+409
8241:52Martin GREENSLADELychett Manor StridersVet Men 45+602
8341:54Howard DOENew Forest RunnersVet Men 60+511
8441:57David HEATHPoole RunnersVet Men 60+381
8542:08Peter COLBORNEVet Men 45+147
8642:09Michael GOLDTHORPEVet Men 50+569
8742:10David KEEPINGVet Men 45+639
8842:13Mark LAVISVet Men 35+728
8942:18Paul MALLETTWimborne ACVet Men 50+181
9042:21Janie CHAPMANBournemouth ACVet Ladies 40+214
9142:23Mark ERRINGTONVet Men 35+459
9242:39Nick MYATTVet Men 40+750
9342:41Mark CAFFERKYNew Forest RunnersSenior Men376
9442:43Paul BLUNDELLHardley RunnersVet Men 45+362
9542:46Stephen HUTTONVet Men 40+130
9642:47Graham WHIFFENWimborne ACVet Men 40+186
9742:48Richard MOSLEYLittledown HarriersVet Men 35+229
9842:53Richard ORMEEgdon Heath HarriersVet Men 60+477
9942:54Paul BRIERSVet Men 35+363
10043:02Rob WICKHAMPoole Athletic ClubVet Men 40+389
10143:07Peter WALLISChristchurch RunnersVet Men 45+552
10243:08Isabel BRIDGESVet Ladies 40+438
10343:16Lionel HANDYNew Forest RunnersVet Men 50+465
10443:20Peter COVELLJunior Men720
10543:30Matthew ARNOLDVet Men 35+430
10643:31Tom ADLAMJunior Men724
10743:32Caroline HORDERBournemouth JoggersVet Ladies 55+437
10843:32Ollie FELTHAMJunior Men721
10943:33Geoffrey SCOTTPoole RunnersVet Men 65+445
11043:34Jonathan WOODSLittledown HarriersVet Men 35+36
11143:38Roger PRICECS Runners & RidersVet Men 50+88
11243:40Lars JANSSONPoole RunnersVet Men 65+369
11343:41Ravinder SAINIPoole Athletic ClubVet Men 45+597
11443:42Paul CARTERHardley RunnersVet Men 50+514
11543:43Allan FINCHAMHardley RunnersVet Men 55+134
11643:44Nick JAYLittledown HarriersVet Men 40+356
11743:44Duncan HILLYERLittledown HarriersVet Men 45+423
11843:47Jeff HINSLEYVet Men 45+77
11943:50Kevin DOOLANNew Forest RunnersVet Men 50+198
12043:57Helen AMBROSENPoole RunnersVet Ladies 50+563
12144:00Stuart WARDNew Forest RunnersSenior Men192
12244:03Heather KHOSHNEVISLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 50+386
12344:03Richard DIXONWestborne Running ClubVet Men 35+109
12444:04Adam BEVINSSenior Men345
12544:05Alice SLEIGHLittledown HarriersSenior Ladies94
12644:05Daniel HAREVet Men 35+461
12744:08Pete FERGUSONVet Men 35+53
12844:09Kathy FOOKSLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 50+160
12944:11Chris WILSONHardley RunnersVet Men 45+454
13044:12Mick ANGLIMHardley RunnersVet Men 60+300
13144:17Matt JOHNSONSenior Men614
13244:18Michael NEALLittledown HarriersVet Men 40+71
13344:19Geoff SIMMONSNew Forest RunnersVet Men 55+157
13444:22Caroline PEMBERTONNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 45+32
13544:32Mark LINNEYChristchurch RunnersVet Men 35+508
13644:33Ryan FORDSenior Men112
13744:33Simon HUNTBournemouth ACVet Men 55+691
13844:36Alistair SMITHVet Men 50+749
13944:38Nick SOLOMONWimborne ACVet Men 55+246
14044:39Alex FOWLERSenior Men210
14144:48John WESTHEADLittledown HarriersVet Men 40+211
14244:49Adrian MEADWimborne ACVet Men 45+320
14344:53Jeff PALMERNew Forest RunnersVet Men 55+393
14444:54Noeleen CHURCHILLVet Ladies 40+292
14544:56Tony WICKHAMNew Forest RunnersVet Men 55+295
14644:58Lesley MOOREPoole Athletic ClubSenior Ladies29
14745:02Michelle CARPENTERSenior Ladies99
14845:04Paul COCKRAMVet Men 35+336
14945:07Matthew WHITEHardley RunnersVet Men 35+513
15045:08Laurence STEVENSONLittledown HarriersVet Men 40+279
15145:08Isaac FARNHAMJunior Men725
15245:09Adam FALLASenior Men564
15345:19Paul McCANNJP MorganSenior Men51
15445:20Gary MOOREChristchurch RunnersVet Men 45+560
15545:20Ross DALZELLSenior Men710
15645:20Philip WHITEHURSTWimborne ACVet Men 40+233
15745:32Harry CARRJunior Men302
15845:33Rex TOOPPoole Athletic ClubVet Men 65+419
15945:33Josh DAYJunior Men723
16045:35Robert PUGHVet Men 35+647
16145:38Dean LETCHFORDWestborne Running ClubVet Men 35+39
16245:40Caroline MARTINLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 35+164
16345:40Barry TELLINGLittledown HarriersVet Men 50+156
16445:44Raymond NGAISenior Men416
16545:46Naomi BENNETTLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 45+350
16646:02Carmel RYANLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 40+414
16746:07Ian MINTRAMHorsham JoggersVet Men 50+408
16846:17Kevin ROYLEEastleigh Running ClubVet Men 50+116
16946:18Diane BUCKLEYNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 45+21
17046:19Julie SCARRATTVet Ladies 40+57
17146:19Virginia COLLINSTotton Running ClubVet Ladies 55+545
17246:20Sally LOCKYERVet Ladies 35+59
17346:24Doug JONESPoole Athletic ClubVet Men 60+189
17446:28Hayler PAYNEEastleigh Running ClubVet Ladies 35+654
17546:29Andy ADAMSLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 40+360
17646:31Dale CLARKEChristchurch RunnersVet Men 45+554
17746:32Stephen WESTChristchurch RunnersVet Men 45+177
17846:33Ian SWAINBournemouth ACVet Men 45+673
17946:35Sarah BARRETTPoole RunnersVet Ladies 60+343
18046:37John BLACKBURNVet Men 40+473
18146:40Nicholas WOODSSenior Men50
18246:44Steve ELSONVet Men 45+128
18346:46John EDWARDSNew Forest RunnersSenior Men539
18446:48Rick BOVILLVet Men 50+126
18546:50Lynnette ETHERIDGEPoole RunnersSenior Ladies64
18646:54Mark HENSLEIGHVet Men 45+332
18746:55Christopher PATERSONNew Forest RunnersVet Men 50+154
18846:59James BALLJunior Men27
18947:00Rhona COPPNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 45+8
19047:02John HUBBARDWestborne Running ClubVet Men 45+105
19147:02Lucinda QUIBELLLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 35+424
19247:03Catherine SPIERSVet Ladies 40+481
19347:06Tony DIMMOCKVet Men 40+658
19447:09Jane HODGEHardley RunnersVet Ladies 50+340
19547:12Mike TERRYLittledown HarriersVet Men 60+168
19647:13Noreen HENDERSONNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 50+54
19747:13Ian BROTHERTONSenior Men120
19847:14Becky MOSLEYLittledown HarriersSenior Ladies355
19947:15Richard McWILLIAMVet Men 45+236
20047:16Joseph HICKISHRoad Runners ClubVet Men 55+209
20147:19Tammy WALKERLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 40+161
20247:19Simon PLUMMERSenior Men625
20347:22Alan WHITEStubbington Green RunnersVet Men 50+131
20447:26Michael SMITHWeymouth St Pauls ACVet Men 45+212
20547:27Sarah VAUGHANWoking ACSenior Ladies281
20647:28Eric BECKStubbington Green RunnersVet Men 50+268
20747:28Nigel ARTHUREgdon Heath HarriersVet Men 55+487
20847:32Keith GLESTERNewcombe RoadstersVet Men 50+399
20947:33John WHITEVet Men 40+322
21047:35Dai HUGHESNew Forest RunnersVet Men 50+92
21147:36Sarah ELLISWestborne Running ClubVet Ladies 35+504
21247:38Sandra HEWSONWestborne Running ClubVet Ladies 40+75
21347:38Diane CONEYGillingham TrottersVet Ladies 45+307
21447:40James BRYANTChristchurch RunnersVet Men 35+643
21547:40Ben COKERSenior Men646
21647:42Alan SMITHVet Men 50+694
21747:44Nicki PLUMMERSenior Ladies624
21847:48Alfons MICHELVet Men 55+150
21947:52John SCOTTLittledown HarriersVet Men 45+260
22047:56Steve KIDDLELittledown HarriersVet Men 50+30
22147:59Philip BURGESSWimborne ACVet Men 60+149
22248:05Kate RABJOHNSPoole RunnersVet Ladies 45+13
22348:06Terry BYRNEYeovil Road RunnersVet Men 50+197
22448:13Dave SIMPSONChristchurch RunnersVet Men 45+557
22548:15Nicola SWORDVet Ladies 40+273
22648:16Clare HUNTBournemouth JoggersSenior Ladies72
22748:19Ryan BROWNJunior Men740
22848:20Louise DUTCHDorset Police RCSenior Ladies390
22948:22Darren GERATYBurton Football ClubVet Men 35+696
23048:23John MIDDLEMASTLittledown HarriersVet Men 50+169
23148:24Sarah HOLELittledown HarriersVet Ladies 40+24
23248:24Nigel SHARPPGDT RunnersVet Men 45+184
23348:25Gordon REAYHorsham JoggersVet Men 50+388
23448:26Ian NOBLELittledown HarriersVet Men 50+63
23548:26Simon DAVISVet Men 35+502
23648:30Graham PENNECKNew Forest RunnersVet Men 60+33
23748:33Dominic BIRDSenior Men280
23848:38Wendy TOBINNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 35+667
23948:38John BELINGERVet Men 60+205
24048:41John RICENew Forest RunnersVet Men 60+141
24148:43Frank CALLAGHANSouth West Vets ACVet Men 50+217
24248:47Allan BROADBENTPoole Athletic ClubVet Men 65+16
24348:51Adrian DYKEVet Men 50+516
24448:52Brian PETTITTChristchurch RunnersVet Men 45+559
24548:54Jon SPOONERNew Milton Eagles FCSenior Men249
24649:00Ally HANKSBournemouth JoggersVet Ladies 40+90
24749:12Julian SMITHVet Men 35+394
24849:30Rob ELLISNew Forest RunnersJunior Men374
24949:31Sharon GLENISTERWestborne Running ClubVet Ladies 40+576
25049:31Emma JONESPoole Athletic ClubVet Ladies 35+190
25149:32Anthony BURTONVet Men 35+469
25249:32Samantha PAINLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 40+37
25349:37Melanie HOBSONLymington Tri ClubVet Ladies 35+577
25449:39Stephen MADDOCKSVet Men 50+110
25549:40Debbie DOWSETTBournemouth JoggersVet Ladies 45+22
25649:40Wendy WILLIAMSGillingham TrottersVet Ladies 45+304
25749:43Kevin DOWSETTLittledown HarriersVet Men 45+20
25849:45Dave ELLISNew Forest RunnersVet Men 50+373
25949:54Mike CARTERPoole Athletic ClubVet Men 45+215
26049:54Matthew BALLSenior Men47
26150:01Lizzie HARRISPoole RunnersJunior Ladies405
26250:03Ian SELBYVet Men 50+519
26350:05Paul SHATWELLVet Men 50+587
26450:05Linda PHIMISTERNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 45+622
26550:06David O'BRIENChristchurch RunnersVet Men 60+558
26650:08Peter ROOKEEastleigh Running ClubSenior Men670
26750:09Paula RAYSONVet Ladies 40+448
26850:10Matthew BEARDVet Men 35+648
26950:15Kim BRACKLEYVet Ladies 45+76
27050:17Joan ROYALDorset DoddlersVet Ladies 65+678
27150:20Warren BRIGHTWestborne Running ClubSenior Men272
27250:32Steve KEARLEYVet Men 50+453
27350:32Ron HAWKERLymington Tri ClubVet Men 55+618
27450:33Matt ELLOWAYSenior Men732
27550:33Rachael TROUGHTONSenior Ladies733
27650:35David JENKINSNew Forest RunnersVet Men 65+193
27750:44Stephen CHORLEYChristchurch RunnersVet Men 50+555
27850:44Geniveve WEBBVet Ladies 40+562
27950:50Bruce CAMERONPoole RunnersVet Men 70+485
28050:52Clive HAGLEYVet Men 50+573
28150:55Maxine BENNETTVet Ladies 45+372
28250:56Anne Marie FACHIRIWimborne ACVet Ladies 45+349
28350:57Caroline HOLCOMBENew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 45+65
28450:57Julian BURTONVet Men 45+693
28551:03Peter REIDVet Men 45+337
28651:04James PRICEBournemouth ACJunior Men284
28751:05Lynda MASSEYSouthampton Running ClubVet Ladies 55+327
28851:12Catherine PAGE-DOVENew Forest RunnersSenior Ladies6
28951:15Chris GILESNew Forest RunnersVet Men 50+199
29051:18Joyce MALLEYVet Men 45+25
29151:19Peter HAYESZoom Tri ClubVet Men 50+632
29251:22Leigh WALFORDSenior Men546
29351:23Claire SCAMMELLWimborne ACVet Ladies 35+341
29451:26David CRICHTONZoom Tri ClubVet Men 55+548
29551:29Graham STAPLESChristchurch RunnersVet Men 45+556
29651:30Georgina HOUGHAMWimborne ACVet Ladies 45+412
29751:34Robert MUSKERBournemouth Village RCVet Men 50+574
29851:38Clare WESTVet Ladies 35+254
29951:40Gordon STAINERVet Men 55+634
30051:40Angela BROWNPoole RunnersVet Ladies 40+67
30151:43Anne-Marie PERRYVet Ladies 40+526
30251:46Mel CARROLLPoole RunnersVet Ladies 40+572
30351:48Carolyne EVANSVet Ladies 35+310
30451:51Jacquelyn EMMANUELPoole Athletic ClubVet Ladies 40+415
30551:53Chris COOPERVet Men 50+278
30651:54Scott HYDESenior Men604
30751:56Serena FOOKSLittledown HarriersSenior Ladies159
30851:57Annette D'ABREOWestborne Running ClubVet Ladies 45+35
30952:00Glenn CHAPMANVet Men 45+213
31052:04Manita FEENSTRAVet Ladies 45+668
31152:04Paul DAVISVet Men 35+471
31252:07Sara CLEARYVet Ladies 45+330
31352:07Stephen GRESHAMVet Men 45+669
31452:09Charlie ANDERSONSenior Ladies346
31552:13Sarah NGUGILittledown HarriersSenior Ladies11
31652:15Simon EATOUGHVet Men 35+203
31752:22Chris HOUSEBurton Football ClubSenior Men697
31852:25Tara ANGLIMHardley RunnersSenior Ladies642
31952:29Rachel HERRINGVet Ladies 40+102
32052:38Julie MEADWimborne ACVet Ladies 45+321
32152:41Janis WALTERWestborne Running ClubVet Ladies 35+358
32252:44Jackie JENKINSNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 65+194
32352:46Elise DIXONWestborne Running ClubSenior Ladies108
32452:46Paul SNELGARSenior Men568
32552:46Rob O'BRIENNew Forest RunnersVet Men 55+529
32652:53Jim KERRLittledown HarriersVet Men 60+153
32752:59David MORTONPoole RunnersVet Men 60+66
32853:01Eastwood JACQUINew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 45+167
32953:02April MILLERNew Forest RunnersSenior Ladies196
33053:08Julie STRINGERSenior Ladies522
33153:09Gemma REDPATHSenior Ladies641
33253:09Edward WEBBVet Men 45+561
33353:10Amanda SHEPHEARDBournemouth JoggersVet Ladies 40+475
33453:10Julian CROSSVet Men 40+447
33553:11Natalie CROSSVet Ladies 35+716
33653:11Tracy McGINLEYSenior Ladies518
33753:13Robert MOOREVet Men 40+262
33853:16Tracy LINNEYChristchurch RunnersVet Ladies 35+507
33953:16Susan HARROGATEVet Ladies 45+457
34053:16Ian SAYERVet Men 55+274
34153:20Guy LAWRENSONHardley RunnersVet Men 60+325
34253:24Adrian MOOREDorset Fire & RescueVet Men 60+685
34353:31Tristan MURCHIEDorset Police RCSenior Men613
34453:38William DAVIESWinchester & District ACVet Men 75+328
34553:42Carly MULLINGSSenior Ladies442
34653:47Michael WHITELittledown HarriersVet Men 60+17
34753:51Helena GYLLENSHARDVet Ladies 35+96
34853:55Shirley RUTTERNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 50+528
34953:58Amelia JENKINSONJunior Ladies318
35053:58Annie JENKINSONVet Ladies 40+319
35154:00Jim MOOREPoole RunnersVet Men 50+73
35254:02Martina GARNHAMNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 40+751
35354:05Lily CHUTTERSenior Ladies499
35454:08Ben PILLEYBurton Football ClubSenior Men427
35554:11Andrew PAYNEEastleigh Running ClubVet Men 40+655
35654:12Susie JACOBVet Ladies 40+348
35754:15Dan MARTINWestborne Running ClubSenior Men296
35854:16Jennifer CORNISHLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 60+411
35954:16George JAUNCEYVet Men 60+155
36054:20Kelly WILLIAMSWimborne ACVet Ladies 40+456
36154:20Rich HOUSEWimborne ACVet Men 40+258
36254:21Zuzana SEBESTYENNew Forest RunnersSenior Ladies242
36354:24Caroline CHRISTOPHERChristchurch RunnersVet Ladies 55+638
36454:25Mark LENIHANVet Men 40+489
36554:27Linda DOWELLBournemouth Village RCVet Ladies 55+591
36654:28Annabel BROOKS-NUNNEPoole RunnersSenior Ladies547
36754:36Carole DAYANTISVet Ladies 50+686
36854:43Marilyn HUNTSalisbury AC & RCVet Ladies 55+677
36954:46Victoria BLACKBURNVet Ladies 40+474
37054:46Derek LEEVet Men 65+309
37155:08Darren CHURCHILLVet Men 45+291
37255:11Stewart CULLLittledown HarriersVet Men 35+106
37355:18Rebecca REESTotton Running ClubVet Ladies 35+598
37455:18Daniel CALDERJunior Men289
37555:20Joan FOXBournemouth JoggersVet Ladies 60+317
37655:23Tim BOXWimborne ACVet Men 55+383
37755:24Janet HOOPERLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 55+45
37855:25Martin EYRENew Forest RunnersVet Men 50+592
37955:26Geoff WILTSHIREWestborne Running ClubSenior Men316
38055:28Tina WESTChristchurch RunnersVet Ladies 50+551
38155:29Nick SMITHJunior Men743
38255:32Ray GRAHAMWestborne Running ClubVet Men 50+570
38355:32Tracey HALLSenior Ladies679
38455:33Natalie KNIGHTNew Forest RunnersSenior Ladies683
38555:35Karen MORISONVet Ladies 35+95
38655:45Guy READMANSenior Men726
38755:49Kay MORRISBournemouth JoggersVet Ladies 50+208
38855:52Rick FORDNew Forest RunnersVet Men 40+594
38955:52Isabelle DANLEYLychett Manor StridersVet Ladies 35+566
39055:55Graham WESTNew Forest RunnersVet Men 45+681
39155:59Gary SANFORDNew Forest RunnersVet Men 55+462
39256:15Barry NORMANEgdon Heath HarriersVet Men 70+589
39356:17John WINDERAMVet Men 50+636
39456:18Donna FAYER-HONOURGillingham TrottersSenior Ladies353
39556:20Michael SOUTHWELLNew Forest RunnersVet Men 45+619
39656:21Marie SHARMANew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 45+266
39756:22Lauren KIBBLEBournemouth JoggersSenior Ladies311
39856:26Lyndsay BALLVet Ladies 45+48
39956:29Debbie NINEHAMNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 45+672
40056:31Ian HITCHINGDorset DoddlersVet Men 45+690
40156:37Alison PICKFORDGillingham TrottersVet Ladies 40+347
40256:41Michele WHITEHURSTWimborne ACVet Ladies 35+234
40356:48Nicki DALGLEISHLittledown HarriersVet Ladies 45+524
40456:54Kenny DRYDENSenior Men368
40556:58Trevor POOLESouth West Vets ACVet Men 65+486
40657:00Spencer ROBERTStubbington Green RunnersVet Men 50+104
40757:09Pamela SHEPHERDVet Ladies 55+738
40857:12Alison WADEWestborne Running ClubSenior Ladies276
40957:15Diane ROBBINSPortsmouth JoggersVet Ladies 45+536
41057:15Chris BRIERPortsmouth JoggersVet Men 55+535
41157:21Jack MACDONALDNew Forest RunnersVet Men 60+228
41257:21Annie BROWNVet Ladies 45+179
41357:33Brenda PALMERPoole Athletic ClubVet Ladies 55+432
41457:35Robert CAINESWimborne ACVet Men 70+165
41557:35Ken BALLAMLittledown HarriersVet Men 70+235
41657:43Kevin VAUGHANNew Forest RunnersVet Men 35+665
41757:54Zoe LAMBPoole RunnersSenior Ladies433
41857:54Melanie LAMBPoole RunnersVet Ladies 45+434
41958:12Karen MORGANNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 50+413
42058:13Christine HARRISHardley RunnersVet Ladies 60+293
42158:15Pete CLARKEWeymouth St Pauls ACVet Men 65+31
42258:22Andy WILLIAMSVet Men 55+38
42358:23Malcolm LOWBRIDGEPoole Athletic ClubVet Men 65+460
42458:25Graeme STRINGERVet Men 60+590
42558:39Trevor NEALNew Forest RunnersVet Men 60+191
42658:53Tony TAYLORVet Men 60+271
42758:53Robin SOWTERVet Men 55+252
42858:56Sara FULLERVet Ladies 45+238
42959:10Wanda FOJTVet Ladies 50+395
43059:13Hannah SHARPJunior Ladies713
43159:16Annie FRASERJunior Ladies706
43259:20Dily RUFFERVet Ladies 55+173
43359:21Loraine KONSBRUCKBournemouth JoggersVet Ladies 45+263
43459:29Marc CLIFTONSenior Men498
43559:30Caroline JAMESVet Ladies 45+82
43659:38Christopher BATTYSenior Men335
43759:40Pauline ALDWORTHNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 55+653
43859:46Katharine WADESenior Ladies532
43959:48Jayne WINDERAMVet Ladies 50+637
4401:00:15Rosemary BARTLETTNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 55+530
4411:00:17Sue DAVIEMetrosVet Ladies 45+245
4421:00:17Jane HUDSONMetrosVet Ladies 50+298
4431:00:36Julie GOSLINGWimborne ACVet Ladies 50+436
4441:00:38Caroline DODDWimborne ACVet Ladies 45+182
4451:00:39Sarah Elizabeth LITTLEWOOD"Junior Ladies709
4461:00:40Theresa HOLDENChristchurch RunnersVet Ladies 45+174
4471:00:42Sarah KETCHELLChristchurch RunnersVet Ladies 40+175
4481:00:42John MASONVet Men 40+103
4491:00:43Janet CRICHTONVet Ladies 55+221
4501:00:43Colin BARRETTSouth West Vets ACVet Men 75+342
4511:00:48Patricia EVERITTBournemouth JoggersVet Ladies 50+490
4521:00:53Amanda SMARTLytchett Manor StridersVet Ladies 45+601
4531:00:54Jane REIDVet Ladies 35+338
4541:00:55Emma TOMPKINSVet Ladies 40+148
4551:00:56Yvette JONESNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 40+248
4561:00:59Ve STONENew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 65+87
4571:01:06Graham BASHFORDGillingham TrottersVet Men 55+378
4581:01:27Tanya ROLPHNew Forest RunnersSenior Ladies195
4591:01:29Peter WEAVERLittledown HarriersVet Men 60+19
4601:01:47Kevin BEALEVet Men 45+178
4611:01:47Elizabeth HOPKINSPoole RunnersVet Ladies 65+140
4621:01:50Susan DAVIDVet Ladies 45+84
4631:01:51Sue EVANSBournemouth JoggersVet Ladies 55+391
4641:02:03Teresa OSBORNVet Ladies 60+80
4651:02:21Claire TODDVet Ladies 45+312
4661:02:31Trevor ROBERTSNew Forest RunnersVet Men 50+505
4671:02:32Debbie WILSONNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 45+218
4681:02:32Victoria CHUTTERSenior Ladies500
4691:02:37Francesca GADDNew Forest RunnersJunior Ladies675
4701:02:38William (Bill) ELDERNew Forest RunnersVet Men 60+283
4711:02:49Kay SAYERVet Ladies 60+609
4721:02:50Carol WROBELLytchett Manor StridersVet Ladies 45+261
4731:02:52William SMITHVet Men 75+69
4741:02:52Steven SMITHVet Men 45+70
4751:02:53Jane BRAY-NICHOLLSNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 40+158
4761:03:02Hazel LEWISNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 65+542
4771:03:10Colin PAYNEVet Men 45+692
4781:03:10Lora HASSAN-GREENWest Wight Running ClubSenior Ladies629
4791:03:11Karen SHORTLANDNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 50+392
4801:03:18David Robert COLENew Forest RunnersVet Men 55+428
4811:03:33Angela COUBROUGHNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 60+478
4821:03:40Mary Ruth STAINERVet Ladies 50+635
4831:03:46Rachel STOKESVet Ladies 40+431
4841:04:03Jacqui CHUTTERVet Ladies 45+496
4851:04:12Sue PAGENew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 60+247
4861:04:29Ryan WILLIAMSJunior Men741
4871:05:00Helen GALLIMORELittledown HarriersVet Ladies 35+523
4881:05:06Gary KIRKBYLittledown HarriersVet Men 45+371
4891:05:31Jan ANGLIMHardley RunnersVet Ladies 60+651
4901:05:42Sara BEVINSSenior Ladies364
4911:05:42Chris BEVINSSenior Men365
4921:05:50Carol Ann BRACKSTONEVet Ladies 60+656
4931:05:52Geoffrey MILLSHardley RunnersVet Men 75+133
4941:06:00Tina FRESHWATERPoole Athletic ClubVet Ladies 50+117
4951:06:21Harry DANKSJunior Men739
4961:06:23Ellen COLLISJunior Ladies719
4971:06:24Louise BAKEWELLJunior Ladies708
4981:06:27Harriet UPTONSenior Ladies463
4991:06:33George BOTLEYJunior Men742
5001:06:41Charlotte BEEJunior Ladies714
5011:06:45Marion BECKVet Ladies 45+717
5021:06:57Tina STOAKESPoole Athletic ClubVet Ladies 50+243
5031:06:57Linda SMITHPoole Athletic ClubVet Ladies 40+143
5041:07:05Yvonne STONEGillingham TrottersVet Ladies 60+357
5051:07:32David ROGERSVet Men 50+661
5061:07:41Anne HASSAN-HICKSWest Wight Running ClubVet Ladies 50+630
5071:08:09Robert TODDVet Men 45+313
5081:08:10Linda KILMURRAYVet Ladies 45+329
5091:08:29Karen BARNESNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 45+366
5101:08:30Pauline BREEZENew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 60+4
5111:08:32Sheri GADDNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 50+650
5121:08:34Carol THOMASNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 65+480
5131:08:39Kyrsteen SHAWDATE-MALCOLMJunior Ladies736
5141:08:48Carol BASHFORDGillingham TrottersVet Ladies 50+377
5151:08:52Marian OATESNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 65+315
5161:09:12Penny HUDSONMetrosVet Ladies 50+299
5171:09:17Eleanor HUNTJunior Ladies734
5181:09:26Sylvia COUPLANDNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 60+166
5191:09:27Karen SWAINNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 45+684
5201:09:31Gill EDWARDSBournemouth JoggersVet Ladies 65+382
5211:10:02Stephen BROWNVet Men 50+370
5221:10:07Jessica SHARLANDJunior Ladies705
5231:10:23Amber LOLEJunior Ladies701
5241:10:26Lauren GILLIEJunior Ladies704
5251:11:02Laura HALLIWELLJunior Ladies702
5261:11:02Kirsty HARRISONJunior Ladies703
5271:11:13Abigail HARRISJunior Ladies730
5281:12:26Richard THOMASVet Men 50+85
5291:12:26Alison TITCOMBEVet Ladies 40+86
5301:14:16Ron TRODDSouth West Vets ACVet Men 75+142
5311:14:54Caroline ELLISNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 50+375
5321:15:33Heather ROBERTSNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 55+308
5331:16:16Lynne DIXONVet Ladies 40+331
5341:16:16Elaine COTTERVet Ladies 35+351
5351:16:30Helen SHAWDALE-MALCOLMJunior Ladies737
5361:17:36Charlotte COLESJunior Ladies735
5371:17:38Jaeson ENGLANDJunior Men744
5381:17:47Gaynor BAKERVet Ladies 65+649
5391:18:52Lucy PHILLIPSSenior Ladies379
5401:18:52Emma ABBOTTSenior Ladies100
5411:19:19Euranis NEILENew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 60+404
5421:19:24Jasmine FREEBORNJunior Ladies712
5431:19:59Gordon HICKISHVet Men 75+429
5441:20:30Lucy HILLJunior Ladies711
5451:20:32Arabella McGEOCHVet Ladies 50+718
5461:23:14Suzy MARSDENSenior Ladies201
5471:23:14Chris WILLIAMSSenior Men202
5481:23:14Helen MARSDENNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 50+200
5491:25:18Alice PARTRIDGEJunior Ladies731
5501:27:04Paul MANTONJunior Men745
5511:27:05Tim OVENDENVet Men 45+746
5521:29:42Bruce DAVIDSONNew Forest RunnersVet Men 75+89
5531:32:47Klara Christina KEEPINGVet Ladies 55+56
5541:32:47Helen WRIGHTNew Forest RunnersVet Ladies 40+700